Experts in Physical International Trade

Working with producers and companies across the globe, the international trade and logistics of hard and soft commodities is our primary business.

As experts in the management of effective and secure trade and supply chain logistics for the movement of metals, oil and petroleum all over the world, we work tirelessly to ensure our systems are efficient and operate with the minimum impact on the environment.

Our vast international connections include partners across the global metal industry, such as smelters, refined/scrap metal traders and industrial manufacturers.

Expanding Trade Across The Globe

At Libertas Corp Commodities, our aim is to expand local and international business by sourcing products from countries where stocks are abundant, then selling and distributing them worldwide in regions where they are in short supply.

Committed to efficiency, growth and integrity, Libertas Corp Commodities always acts with environmental and social responsibilities at the forefront of our approach. Our strategies ensure the minimum impact on the environment and the fairest, socially responsible working practices.

From our headquarters in London and trading desks in Singapore, we are perfectly positioned to work effectively across the EU and the rest of the world. Our enviable access to international shipping ports mirrors our robust relationships with leading partners across the globe.

How We Work

Our successful business model is wholly suited to the contemporary world. Facilitating our ever-increasing connections and growing global wealth, our approach ensures your commodities are seamlessly traded across the world, from any place of origin to the international destinations of your choice.


Working through dependable supply chains we connect producers and traders from all over the globe to end users anywhere in the world.


Our proven approach will see your business expand as we transport your commodities from places of abundance to destinations where they are in short supply.


We will ensure your valuable commodities are securely stored away during the periods when supply is unusually high, ready to release them at the optimal point when demand is greatest.


Creating sustained shared value we consistently ensure your detailed specifications and requirements are not only met but exceeded.

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