As a leading, international commodity trading and logistics company, Libertas Corp Commodities specialise in developing strong global connections. From refined metal fabricators to recycled metal producers, smelters and end users, we facilitate advantageous strategic partnerships to create dependable supply chains with robust global infrastructures.

Global Trade: Refined and Recycled Metals

Our expertise in global metal trade places us in the best position to grow your business.

Working worldwide, our experienced metals team trade across the recycled and refined metal sector, trading copper wire rods, copper blisters, copper cathodes, aluminium, lead, zinc and nickel. Our portfolio includes scrap, tin, steel, aluminium, copper and speciality alloys.

Adding optimum value to your trade chain, we source and deliver metals quickly and economically, building volume whilst meeting the wide-ranging needs of producers, recyclers and end users.

As market conditions for metal trade become increasingly competitive, our capacity to identify and respond to changing patterns of demand on an international scale is invaluable.

Facilitating successful global trade in any economical climate, our expert metals team utilise a range of comprehensive tools and approaches to ensure your business grows, including structured finance and strong relationships in China.

Leading International Commodity Trading and Logistics Company

Providing the best foundation for the expansion and improvement of your trade worldwide, our trusted, international commodity trading and logistics company will deliver the highest standards and best opportunities across the world’s major trading hubs.

Iron and Iron Ore

Libertas Corp is a major commodity trading and logistics company, offering solid opportunities for international trade in iron and iron ore. Working to the highest standards of performance, we deliver reliable services across the globe that will secure your business success long into the future.

Global Trade: Iron and Iron Ore

Trading worldwide, we move iron and iron ore from destinations across the world to any location around the globe. Using dependable supply chain logistics we ensure your product reaches its destination securely, on time and to your specific mandate.

Our largest network is in Asia where we ship iron and iron ore from producers to end users and customers using our dependable supply chains.

Iron is a key source of metal throughout the world and used extensively in highly profitable steel manufacturing. From ferroalloys to structural steel, rebar and stainless steel, iron continues to be a metal that is in high demand across all industries.

Although the international market for metal trade is particularly competitive, our established trade chains remain reliable in any economical condition. Regardless of changing climates, we are always able to build volume and rapidly deliver your iron and iron ore to your destinations of choice.

Leading International Commodity Trading and Logistics Company

Our impressive portfolio and global infrastructure places us in the ideal position to grow and develop your business long term.

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