International Commodity Trading & Logistics Company

With access to international partners across the globe, Libertas Corp Commodities deliver commodities trade and logistics to businesses and producers worldwide.

Operating to the highest standards of performance and service, our independent global commodity trading house ensures your international trade is efficient and your business grows.

  • Facilitate & expand global trade

  • Hard and soft physical commodities

  • Fast, reliable & efficient

Trusted for any destination worldwide

Global Trade & Logistics

As an established international commodity trading company with extensive connections all over the world, we provide the highest levels of service as we move physical commodities from suppliers and manufacturers to end users and businesses worldwide.

Focused on your business growth, we are committed to the continuous development of performance, growth and improvement. Our success has established Libertas Corp Commodities as a leading commodity trading and logistics company across the globe.

We source, supply, transport and deliver soft and hard commodities all over the world. Our high performance ensures shipments are on time and on target. Our capacity to grow your business is unrivalled

International Supply Chains

Our commitment to performance and strong global connections, ensure your supply chain is stable wherever in the world you choose to trade.

Our commodity trading and logistics services extend beyond shipping to any destination in the world, to include responsible trade, supply chain management and more.

Working ethically, we prioritise both the environmental and social impact of our operations



Libertas Corp Commodities is a trusted global commodity trading and logistics company.


With unrivalled access to international partners across the globe, we deliver dependable supply chains and the highest standards of service. Our independent commodity trading house manages the trade and supply chain logistics for metals, oil, petroleum, freight and agricultural products worldwide.

With access to any location around the world, we use the most efficient methods to move physical commodities from suppliers and manufacturers to end users and businesses across the globe.


From refined metal fabricators to recycled metal producers, smelters and end users, we facilitate advantageous strategic partnerships to create stable supply chains with robust global infrastructures.... Read More

Oil & Petroleum

Sourcing oil from an array of suppliers worldwide, Libertas Corp Commodities provide valuable distribution solutions for producers and bespoke shipments for refineries. Our expert global suppliers include leading production companies and oil majors.…Read More


Urea fertiliser is an inexpensive form of nitrogen fertiliser with an NPK (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium) ratio of 46-0-0. Although urea is naturally produced in humans and animals, synthetic urea is manufactured with…Read More


Our comprehensive freight services include: handling post-fixture operations, issuing voyage orders, completing stowage plans, dealing with port agents and managing demurrage claims. …Read More


Libertas Corp Commodities are a leading, global commodities trading and logistics company. Working with significant producers and businesses across the globe we manage the international movement of goods worldwide.

Our commitment to consistent performance and responsible trade has seen our commodities trading house develop an exceptional reputation around the globe, …




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